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You’re on your way
to becoming a



Here are the special gifts you’ve unlocked...


BlackWoman Startup



BlackWoman Startup

Coffee /Tea Cup

is a startup’s guide
to creating
a 7-figure breakthrough.
In this course you’ll...

  • Earn your personal M.B.A.
  • Discover the PFA Neuropathic Success System TM
  • Learn the PPSA Decision-Making Matrix Method TM
  • Determine your Revenue Stabilization Point
  • And much, much more!

Let’s face it.

In business you need a team.
If you are going at it alone, it’ll take you much longer to generate the type of momentum needed to startup, sustain, and scale your business into profitability.

The BlackWoman Startup

Buddy Pass

enables you to bring a team member so you don’t have to learn something and do something alone.

Coffee, Tea,
or Thee?

No need to worry. Late nights or
early mornings, this coffee / tea cup
will certainly keep you company and
remind you that you are a
Marketing Maverick ready to
take on the world!

*Coffee / tea cup is available for pick up only at the camp.
Cup designs may vary.

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